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Happy Saturday!  More importantly, Happy October! This is my favorite time of year, and not because Bath and Body Works has the best fall candles. It's because my favorite holiday lies in this month. If you follow me on social media you probably already know it's HALLOWEEN!!!
I'm the crazy neighbor who starts decorating in mid-September.  From the bathroom to kitchen and the hallway, my whole life turns into a big Halloween show!
I thought I would share some Halloween joy in  hopes of inspiring others to take part in my favorite holiday. 
 This picture was taken last year.
I have to tell you that I actually considered making this our Christmas card last year. I got extremely creative and decided to sew my own costume, and I loved the way it came out!
 There is no such thing as too many decorations!
 How cute are these bowls?! Found them in the Target $1 section.

Halloween cups (click)