Dinner Party on a Budget

Happy Tuesday!
Once again it's been a crazy week, but as moms we just have to power through it. 
Since my mom's birthday is coming up, I thought it would be ideal to throw a small dinner party. 
These are my go-to tips on throwing an over-the-top dinner party on a budget.

Flowers are everything. A floral arrangement can take a simple table and make it into something amazing. 
Now we all know flowers can get pretty expensive, so my key to fixing that is fake it till you make it, or at least partially fake it. 
When I make my arrangements I normally buy inexpensive yet strong scented  flowers. 
Why? Because sometimes faux flowers have a plastic smell.  Since more than half of our arrangement is faux, you would want something like lilies that will over power that plastic smell. 

When it comes to fine china I have mixed feelings.
When I moved into my house I purchased 6 full sets of Lenox dinnerware with a silver trim.
Love them, but not for a dinner party.
As we speak they are beautifully packed in the attic with a missing bowl (after a dinner party disaster).
A few years ago I ran across these beautiful white plate sets at Home Goods.
The best part about theses plates is that they're inexpensive, so if one breaks I won't have a melt down.

When it comes to drinking glasses, leave the fine china in its place.
I found these simple, yet elegant, champagne and wine glasses at Ross.


I'm a lover of table cloths and normally get them from TJ Maxx and Target - wherever the best sale is! I also like to keep an eye out for place card holders. I found these gold snail place card holders a few months ago on clearance.

Now for the napkins! I'm all about white napkins because (1) they work whether it's brunch, lunch, or a dinner party and (2) it makes life so much easier when dealing with colorful table cloths.
The question to asks yourself is: how do I present the napkins?
For me it all depends how I'm feeling that day.
Follow the link below to learn how to fold cloth napkins.

 How Fold A Dinner Napkin

Time to set your table. You never want to over crowd your table - less is more. If you're anything like me when the wine gets flowing, I start talking with my hands. Be sure to give your guests plenty of elbow room.

Voila! Bon Appétit!
Remember that a dinner party should be fun, and not too stressfull. Get creative and know that whether or not everything goes as planned, your guests will be grateful for a nice meal. 

Happy Entertaining,
xoxo~ Em


What's a dinner party without food?
I'm all about pre-planning, so I'm giving away my favorite recipe planner by Create 365.

This planner has space for 192 recipes, stickers, a notepad, and so much more.


1. Comment on this post your favorite dish to make, and what city and state you live in.
 (U.S only)

2. Like our FB page

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Good luck everyone winner will be picked
Monday 9/18


  1. My favorite go to recipe is Julia Child's Boeuf Bourguignon. Because it cooks for so long, you can use the most inexpensive cuts of beef and they will literally melt in your mouth. It's always a hit in my house! Paradis, LA

  2. My favorite go to recipe is good ole crawfish Monica ... can do wrong with that one.
    Kenner , la

  3. My favorite go to recipe is good ole crawfish Monica ... can do wrong with that one.
    Kenner , la

  4. I love to make an Asian Chicken Salad. It is so versatile! I got the recipe from a friend & tweaked it to make it my own and it always wows my guest. I also make an AMAZING home-made dressing to go with it. My mouth is watering as I write. Metairie, La

  5. I love to make sweet potatoes stuff bell peppers dirty rice mac and cheese with any veggies. A recipe from my mom passed down to me. I now make it for my family. Hattiesburg,MS


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