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Dinner Party on a Budget

Happy Tuesday! Once again it's been a crazy week, but as moms we just have to power through it.  Since my mom's birthday is coming up, I thought it would be ideal to throw a small dinner party.  These are my go-to tips on throwing an over-the-top dinner party on a budget. Flowers are everything. A floral arrangement can take a simple table and make it into something amazing.  Now we all know flowers can get pretty expensive, so my key to fixing that is fake it till you make it, or at least partially fake it.  When I make my arrangements I normally buy inexpensive yet strong scented  flowers.  Why? Because sometimes faux flowers have a plastic smell.  Since more than half of our arrangement is faux, you would want something like lilies that will over power that plastic smell.  When it comes to fine china I have mixed feelings. When I moved into my house I purchased 6 full sets of Lenox dinnerware with a silver trim. Love them, but not for a dinner