Trinity's 7th Birthday (On a Budget)

Happy Tuesday! 
First, I would like to send prayers out to everyone who has been affected by Hurricane Harvey. 

This past weekend was Trinity's 7th birthday. Just like any other time, I made sure I planned a budget for her party. 

The #1 thing when planning any kind of party is TIME.
For myself I normally start planning her party in late June / early July.

The first thing was figuring out what kind of party she wanted. This year she was all about a superhero pizza party. So after some research, I found a local pizza place that offered a make-your-own-pizza party. My goal is to send invitations out a month in advance, so after we made our invite list I got started on the invitation design.
When it comes to invitations, I like to get creative and make invites that correspond with the party. 

First I ordered plain white pizza boxes.
 On my computer I made the labels, party information, and I googled a picture of a pizza. 
I used a glue stick to glue everything on the box. 
For the pizza picture, I bought a pack of 6" cake boards from Michael's (using a 40% off coupon) and glued the picture to it.
 I had a coupon from Office Max for 50% off all prints. 
It came out even cheaper to get them printed on different colored papers. 
These invites took a little time to make, but cost me less than $1 per invitation. 

Just like the invitations, when it comes to party favors I like to incorporate them into the party. I was never one of those parents to send home a bag of candy as a favor.  
Since it's a make-your-own-pizza party I figured personalized aprons would be the best thing for the party. 

This is why it's important to plan in advance!! I required her party guests to RSVP in enough time that I could get the favors together.
 The aprons came from Michael's and I took full advantage of their 40-50% per day coupons. 
The aprons came 3 in a pack, and I got some for 40% off and some for 50%. I used heat transfer vinyl for the names, and my sister's cricut. 

I was lucky enough to catch the vinyl on sale for $5 plus a rare 20% off everything coupon at Michael's. The aprons took some time putting together (my sister was a big help), but it only cost me $3 an apron. 

What's a party without a cake!
I normally make all birthday cakes, but this year she really wanted a wonder women cookie cake. 

Luckily Groupon had 50% off Great American Cookie Cake. 
Since I planned her party ahead, I wait until Groupon gave out an additional 20% off coupon for all orders.
(Groupon purchases are normally good for 3 months). 
This cookie cake would have cost me $50, but I was able to get it for $23.

When it came to the decorations, Dollar Tree was my best friend and everything else came from Hobby Lobby. Just like Michael's, I took full advantage of the 40% off per day coupon.  
We ordered catering for the adults through the restaurant, since they offered a discount for having her party there.

Trinity had a blast at her party, and mama got to save a lot of money! I call this a win-win situation!
A huge thanks to Huep P's Pizzeria
Happy Planning
xoxo~ Em


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