The Organized Kid

Happy Monday everyone!
School is back in session for most kids which means....
Time to get your kids off their summer schedule and on that early morning school schedule. 

I'm a big believer in giving kids responsibilities such as chores around the house.
I promise parents this will help them / you in the long run.
About a year ago I came up with an idea to help Trinity remember her daily to do's around the house. 

All you need is a hanging jewelry organizer, 2 different color index cards, and a pack of post-it. (I covered everything in contact paper, but this is optional)

Trinity is a visual person just like me. If we see it more than once we'll remember to do it.
From experience, it's better to have a list they can look at rather than being reminded 30 times a day - which can feel more like nagging.

I keep everything in order so it's easy for her and myself to follow. On school mornings she wakes up and gets herself ready. After she's finished in the bathroom she normally goes to her room, and looks at her list before breakfast. 

I taped 2 different color index cards together. One color means incomplete (red) and the other means complete (blue). Once she has completed a chore, she flips the card in the slot.

Since her to do list changes depending on what day it is, I safety pin the post-its so I can easily switch them out. Also, if there's a day she doesn't have laundry to pick up (or any other chore) I just remove the index card from the slot.

She takes pride in her list, and gets really excited when she has accomplished everything on it. 

After bedtime I simply switch all the cards back to red, and switch or take out all the cards that are not needed.  
I hope some will find this helpful. 

Have a great Monday


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