Budgeting your grocery bill

It's August!!! Which means a few more months until HALLOWEEN!!!
If you haven't noticed I'm big on planning and budgeting. So of course I plan out our meals and budget our grocery bills. I'll show you step by step of what I do to keep me from running to the store because I forgot milk for my kid's breakfast. 

  1. First thing is make a meal plan for the week. For the most part, we all eat the same thing, because this mama doesn't cater to picky eaters. "you get what you get, and don't throw a fit." If you have a picky eater just add their meal plan as well. 

*My meal plan includes breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner. Everyone's meal plan will be different. Make sure you add what you'll be drinking. The key is to get everything you'll need for the week with one trip to the store. 

2. After I'm done with my meal plan. I survey my fridge and pantry to see what I already have to make this meal plan successful. 

*When I buy fruit, I wash them and put them in a basket. This makes it easy for everyone to make healthier decisions.

* Also, I use one of my chill drawer for whatever meat I need to defrost for dinner. 

 3. I take a highlighter and mark each individual item I already have on hand. If I'm missing even one ingredient I don't highlight it. Instead I make a note on the side of what I'm missing.  

3. I keep a note pad on the side of the refrigerator (next to all of Trinity's art work) for things I know that we're out of or low on. I make it low enough so Trinity can add to this as well. (she's always adding cookies)

 4.  After I've done a full inventory of what I have. I grab my meal plan, and paper a start my grocery list. (don't forget that note pad on the refrigerator)

5. When making my list, I add how much of everything I need. This is why it's important to add what you're drinking, so you can buy enough coffee and water to get you thought the week. 

6. Once my list is complete, I pull out my coupons and sale ads. I check my coupons first. If I find one for something on my list, I write a C and the coupons worth next to the item. 

7. Next I look to see if anything on my list is in one of the sale Ads. If I find something, I simply write what store paper I found it in. This makes it easier when it comes to price matching. 

*There are apps that can help you find things on sale, but most stores require the sales paper.

8. Now I'm ready to go shopping. I grab my list, paper clip my coupons and sale ads together, and head to the store. 

*Make sure you know your stores coupons policy, and price matching rules. You can find these on their website.

*Most of my coupons come from the Sundays paper, and coupons.com. Asks your friends, family, and co-workers for their papers to increase your savings.

*Another way to find coupons are Goggle. Some companies have printable coupons on their website.

 *I keep a stock pile of non-food products, so those are products I rarely need or buy. Unless I have coupons to make them free. 

Happy Shopping 
~xoxo Em


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