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Trinity's 7th Birthday (On a Budget)

Happy Tuesday!  First, I would like to send prayers out to everyone who has been affected by Hurricane Harvey. 
This past weekend was Trinity's 7th birthday. Just like any other time, I made sure I planned a budget for her party. 
The #1 thing when planning any kind of party is TIME. For myself I normally start planning her party in late June / early July.
HOW TO PLAN  The first thing was figuring out what kind of party she wanted. This year she was all about a superhero pizza party. So after some research, I found a local pizza place that offered a make-your-own-pizza party. My goal is to send invitations out a month in advance, so after we made our invite list I got started on the invitation design. When it comes to invitations, I like to get creative and make invites that correspond with the party. 

First I ordered plain white pizza boxes.  On my computer I made the labels, party information, and I googled a picture of a pizza.  I used a glue stick to glue everything on the box.  For th…

The Organized Kid

Happy Monday everyone! School is back in session for most kids which means.... Time to get your kids off their summer schedule and on that early morning school schedule. 
I'm a big believer in giving kids responsibilities such as chores around the house. I promise parents this will help them / you in the long run. About a year ago I came up with an idea to help Trinity remember her daily to do's around the house. 
All you need is a hanging jewelry organizer, 2 different color index cards, and a pack of post-it. (I covered everything in contact paper, but this is optional)

Trinity is a visual person just like me. If we see it more than once we'll remember to do it. From experience, it's better to have a list they can look at rather than being reminded 30 times a day - which can feel more like nagging.

I keep everything in order so it's easy for her and myself to follow. On school mornings she wakes up and gets herself ready. After she's finished in the bathroom she norma…
Happy Friday everyone!  It's been another busy week for my family, but a new post will be coming soon! I will discuss ways to keep your kids organized during the school year!
Also, thanks to everyone who enter the FB giveaway! If you didn't win don't worry more giveaways to come! Follow us on FB for more updates! FB PAGE
Have a great weekend Xoxo ~Em

Free Stuff

Happy Friday!! It's been a crazy week with school starting. Since most people have spent a ton on school items, I figured this is the perfect time to talk about how to receive FREE products.  Also, it's not to late to enter The Budgeting Beauty FB giveaway. (giveaway closes Sunday) Giveaway link
When it comes to receiving free products these are the 3 websites I stand by:
1. I've been getting free samples from this site for years. everything from makeup, cleaning supplies, nail polish, food, dog/cat food, etc.  Once a month on a Tuesday pinch me gives out samples, and just like everything else it's first come first served. (samples are based on your profile)

Sample source gives out samples twice a year. When you register, sample source will email you when products are available. 

This is one of my favorite sites! If any company is offering FREE products this is the place to find it.  I have received 1 year US weekly m…


Happy Monday!  This Sunday will be exactly 1 month since The Budgeting Beauty launched.  I figured what better way to celebrate than doing a Facebook giveaway! (click the link below) 1 winner will receive; 2 planners for 2018, planner accessories, coffee thermal, budgeting book, and a tote to carry it all in.

Budgeting your grocery bill

It's August!!! Which means a few more months until HALLOWEEN!!! If you haven't noticed I'm big on planning and budgeting. So of course I plan out our meals and budget our grocery bills. I'll show you step by step of what I do to keep me from running to the store because I forgot milk for my kid's breakfast. 
1. First thing is make a meal plan for the week. For the most part, we all eat the same thing, because this mama doesn't cater to picky eaters. "you get what you get, and don't throw a fit." If you have a picky eater just add their meal plan as well. 

*My meal plan includes breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner. Everyone's meal plan will be different. Make sure you add what you'll be drinking. The key is to get everything you'll need for the week with one trip to the store. 

2. After I'm done with my meal plan. I survey my fridge and pantry to see what I already have to make this meal plan successful. 
*When I buy fruit, I wash them …