Shopping on a Budget

Happy Sunday Funday everyone!!
 It's the second week of July which means kids will be going back to school soon, and Target is clearing its store for new inventory.  Target has a huge clearance event twice a year: once in January to clear out fall and winter items; then another in July to clear out spring and summer items!! 

During this month you will start to see items marked up to 80% off!
Everything from household items, makeup, toys (more toys will be marked down for the toy clearance event), food, cleaning supplies, the list goes on!

 I ran into target before work yesterday with a 25$ budget (literally all the cash I had on me). This is my bounty: 
**scan every clearance items for price, because sticker price isn't always correct.**

Paired with sale prices my Savings include: 5% off with Target Red Debit Card, Cartwheel, and 5 cents off for every reusable bag you bring! 

 This is the time I start shopping for birthday and Christmas gifts. I found this guy with a sticker price of $5.98, but ringing up as $3.98. 

*price may differ in each Target*

Since it's my daughter's birthday next month, I was able to purchase a couple bags of candy for $1.29- 1.89 (30% off dove candy)
After digging, I also managed to find a pack of batteries that had a sticker with no price and wasn't ringing up, so they gave it to me for $1! (for the life of me I couldn't find more😢). Plus, Almay makeup that had a $6.98 sticker was ringing up for 2.88 + 10% off cartwheel. 
I PM (price match) sip-in-snack for $3.98 since the Target app has it priced cheaper than the sticker price.  

Heavy duty dinner plates scanned for $2.10, while the color pencils and paper bags sticker prices were correct at $1.18 and $.98
My total came up to $23.22 with the regular price total at $94.56, that's about 75% savings.

Happy shopping
xoxo ~Em


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